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Sasquatch 500: THE RETURN OF NEIL

First things first, here’s some Sasquatch for you… this takes place a bit after the last comic with words, the illustration I posted of Sassy and Neil walking (and talking) in the forest is actually intended to go between this. (hit the Sasquatch tag if you have no idea what I’m on about.)

Also look at what I did:

I designed this pattern for Dear Raccoon, the design co-op that my glorious friend Kate Hall and I are starting up.The pattern is going to need some tweaking but I’m pretty proud still, making patterns is pretty intense, just so you know.

Friday sketchdump

Sasquatch and Neil:

Some sketchbook stuff:

Next Two Strips

as promised, the next two Sasquatch strips

Sasquatch Surprise

Annnnnnd, he’s back:

more to come friday m’loves, keep your eye out


As you read this, assuming you read this the day I post this, I am on the first leg of my journey to Denver, Colorado.
Anyways, I don’t think I ever showed you all my final Sasquatch painting…
here he is in all his massive 6x4ft glory:

I don’t know if i’ll be able to update on friday… we’ll see where I am as far as unpacking.