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Breath of the Wild

It’s been a while right?I honestly can’t remember the last time I posted some legit art!

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Poster Process

Recently I made a poster for the Ladies Night Anthology Launch Party
(which will be super fun, BTW)
so I thought, just for kicks, I’d walk ya’ll through that process:

STEP ONE: Sketches.
I sketched a few composition sketches, then a few character sketches, and finally I brought my favorite sketches into photoshop and laid them out like so:
Then I turned my lines blue, and brought the sketch into illustrator to get busy with the text. I found a font I liked, and used my typography skills to make the text flow just the way I wanted. When I was satisfied I printed out my blue lines, which were now ready for inking:
After inking I scanned it in black and white and did a quick color job where I added a few details.
After a test print at size (see above) I corrected a few small issues and then sent the final image off to promote our amazing party!:

PJ Avenger


Just a little self doodle, I’m trying to improve my digital skills.