The FAQ No One Asked For!

Who are you?: KayPee
How old are you?: I was born in April of 1987, do your own math!
Where are you from?: Chicagoland
What is this?: My art blog and portfolio website
Do you use _____ website?: I have a Behance Portfolio and a silly Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook Fan Page, and an extremely old Deviant Art that basically never gets updated.
How do you art?: It varies,  sometimes I do all traditional media and sometimes I do full digital… I keep it loose.
What are your tools of the trade?: Non-photo blue pencil, Microns (usually larger ones like 08 and 05), Photoshop, Intuos3 Tablet , Watercolor, Gouache
Did you study art in school?: Yes, I have a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), along with a bunch of additional classes I took at College of DuPage and random workshops
Why don’t you post more art?: Self consciousness mostly.
What is Comic a Day Month?: Once in a blue moon I pick a month where I try to draw a comic every single day as a challenge to myself.
Do you make comics outside of Comic a Day Month?: Yup! Just not as often as I would like.
Why are so many of your comics about you?: it’s a lot easier and faster to make a 1-2 page comic about me making a sandwich than it is to make one about vampire babies.
Who inspires you?: I’m a huge fan of people like Egon Schiele, Albrecht Dürer, Gustav Klimt, Norman Rockwell, Naoko Takeuchi, and so many current artists that I can’t even list.
Your work doesn’t look at all like your inspirations!: You don’t have to copy someone to be inspired by them.
I’ve heard that you write as well?:Yup! But I probably won’t share that here.
Do you do commissions/illustrations/design work?: Absolutely, If you have a project you’d like to hire me for just shoot me an e-mail and we can discuss it.
How much do you charge for _____ ?: Pricing varies from job to job, if you e-mail me with the details I can give you a quote.
Will you marry me?:Statistically probably not. There is only one of me and there are nearly 7 billion yous out there. Plus I, like, I’m already married.