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More inspiration please!

Look at this mother flippin’ video by Skyler Page! God is it awesome.

Out of Sight (inspiration)

During my busy life of clicking around on the internet I found yet another beautiful animation to share.
It’s called “Out of Sight” and it was made by Ya-Ting Yu, Ya-Hsuan Yeh, and Ling Chung:

You can find out more by visiting the website

Again with the inspiring animation!

This time we have a student at Sheridan College in Canada, the piece is called Night Light and it’s by Qing Han

I just love the coloring, everything glows and creates a very magical atmosphere. Also, those backgrounds? Gorgeous!

Seriously Calarts!?! (more animation inspiration)

Yet another amazing animation by a CalArts student. This time? Crayon Dragon by Toniko Pantoja.

More animation inspiration!

Sabrina Cotugno is yet another amazing animator who makes me jealous of everyone who went to CalArts for undergrad.

I mean, just check out this fabulous little animation!:

The colors! The character designs! Those backgrounds! Everything is so well composed!