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Apocalyptic Characters

apocsketch01s apocsketch02s
I decided to do some limited palette character designs. Just because.

Anthology Sketchin’




So I’m working on this amazing comic written by the amazing Summer  for this amazing anthology that the ladies of Graham Cracker Comic’s Ladies’ Night are putting together, and these are my amazing concept sketches.

The Apocalypse and Other Things

Flipping through my blog posts over the past year or so you’ll find an upswing in the numbers of post apocalyptic lads and ladies I’ve doodled. I blame 2012.
And then there’s this sketch of some japanese schoolkids, because I think I could write some amazing anime…

Marker Love

It’s been a while since I broke out my copics, and since my new sketchbook is so insanely cool that markers don’t bleed through I figured now was a great time to do some doodles.
markrdudl01 markrdudl02