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Post-It project

I did about 20 of these so far…
basically I got guys on craigslist to send me their pictures and I did a very quick doodle with a pen on a post it and sent it back to them… each man is identified by his favorite sandwich, if he listed it… otherwise I made shit up

Today is Tuesday…

behold, progress:a doodle:
Sorry for the lack of Friday post, I’m going to India soon and I’m running around like a chicken with her head cut off…

Not Much to Say…

work in progress

Slapdash Tuesday

I feel like a kid who wasn’t prepared for his english test… here’s a quick tablet sketch with no hope of finish for you….:

And this is the massive painting I’m working on for a show I will be in in October:
details to come later, sorry for the low quality cell phone pic.

Friday Plans!

I went on a photowalk through Joliet to take pictures of the old houses for reference material for
that graphic novel thing I’m still in the beginning stages of working on.
So I made this little photoshop mockup as to what acertain characters side of the street looks like:
that’s all carry on!