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My Childhood Hero

I loved loved loved Mario as a kid, so I decided to do this quick little illustration of one of the characters I so admired.


minestronesketch minestroneW
I’m hoping to do a series of prints based on Italian foods, mostly because I would like to hang stuff like this in my own kitchen. This one is based on Minestrone Soup. (it’s missing a few ingredients, but I wanted the focus to really be veggies)


I did a test run on some Canson Infinity paper and the print quality is AMAZING! It looks just like it’s a real watercolor, I couldn’t be more thrilled!

The Little Mermaid


Ladies Night Anthology: Signal Clearance Preview

It’s been a long March/April but I’m finally able to take some time and really show off some of the work I did for the ladies night anthology.

The story I worked on was called “Signal Clearance” and, as I’ve mentioned before, it was written by Summer, who is super cool, and it was edited by Caitlin, who rewarded me with gifs when I was good and punished me with awful font choice when I was bad.

Anyways, look at these backgrounds:


Ok, so I was hanging out in my local Japanese market when I came upon a tube of gold watercolor.

I had to have it, and these are what you get when KP is given gold:
gold gold2 sailormoonwc
(my scanner does not do them justice at all, they are much shinier in real life.)