Comic A Day October rules:
– each comic must be at least 3 panels
– comics must be posted by 11:59pm Chicago time
– no stick figures! (unless I’m drawing someone drawing something as stick-figures)
– comics may be sketchy, as long as it isn’t stick figures.
– stories may be carried on from one day to the next
– content is whatever I choose, whether it be a comic diary, or a legit story.

Now here’s some incentive for you to help keep me on track…
if I miss a day, you guys get to tell me what/who my next comic is going to be about*
plus, every day I miss means I need to add 3 extra panels on top of the minimum 3 for each day

so if I miss 1 day, that means my next comic is at least 6 panels
I miss 2, 9 panels.. etc etc

*failing that, I will use a random word generator


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  1. Gabe

    How do i post up my comics?

  2. KayPee

    If you don't already have a blog of your own to post on there are two options: 1. Start your own blog (using blogger, livejournal, tumblr, or whatever you please) 2. If you have a flickr account (or similar thingy) you can create a set and upload your pictures there.

    If you do join in the fun I will gladly post a link to wherever you decide to start posting! (just send me the link)

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